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Save £150 on 800L Wall Tank System + get a FREE Hose Real worth over £50.

Rainwater harvesting or want to recycle rainwater? We have rain harvesting systems, tanks and pumps in stock to help you benefit by saving rainwater from your own roof.

We are designers, manufacturers and retailers of rainwater harvesting equipment. We offer quality water storage rainharvesting systems, storage tanks and equipment at the most affordable prices, with customer support before and after the sale.

Put one of our rain systems in and you will conserve and make better use of the world's most precious resource. You don't need quality drinking water piped in from miles away to water the garden, clean your car, power wash the patio or top up a pond.

You can recycle rainwater to use in your washing machine or to flush toilets and WCs. Gardeners advise that plants much prefer natural rainwater to chemical mains water - and it costs a lot less.

Fully WRAS Approved Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Take a look at our April Offers or Call 01733 405 111 to discuss anything from a single garden tank, to multiple systems for large housing projects.

Rainwater Case History Detached House with paddock

Flat Tanks installed in Garden

This rainwater harvesting installation is a retrofit and there was no intention to pipe up all the toilets and the washing machine, so it was decided to install a garden system, i.e. tanks without mains water backup. Therefore the water in the tanks can only be rain.

Nroth London Detached Homes Rainwater Harvesting System

London Detached Rainwater System

Their small detached house in North West London has enough roof to collect useful quantities of water and they have already shown that they are saving money.

Garden Centre in Yalden waters plants using rainwater harvesting

Garden Centre Yalden

A GRAF Carat 2700 litre tank was installed to provide low cost watering of valuable stock. Big roof yields exceptional collection. Read more about this commercial application


Let us help you with your rainwater project

Help with your rainwater project

If you are unsure how to get a rainwater harvesting project underway just use this simple form to let us have brief details and we'll be back to you very quickly.

Tank Size Calculator

Tank Size Calculator

Instantly get an estimation to the size of tank you will need with your system by using our simple tank size calculator.

Information Downloads - Brochures and Manuals

Brochures and Manuals

Here you will find the majority of Rainwater Harvesting Ltd's documentation. If you would like to read more about our past projects or comments from our clients, please head on over to our Case Histories page.

More about Rainwater Harvesting

A great way to start would be to look at our Where to Start page - it will help with some of the decisions like. would you like to locate your system above ground or below ground? Just for the garden or use for home and garden? Direct Feed (rainwater pumped directly to the point of use) or Gravity Feed (supply from a header tank at even and equalised pressure)? Whatever your needs, we have the equipment to deliver filtered, fresh, cool (if underground) rainwater to use where treated tap water would be a waste.

New on the block are the shallow dig tank systems. If you can't get digging machines onto your site or the groundwork will not allow deep excavation, our flat tanks or shallow dig tanks are the answer.

Need a powerful submersible rainwater harvesting pump? We now distribute the new HydroForce 800 watt pump - its a pressure sensitive 3.5 bar 240v pump for above and below ground applications. Read more about this UK manufactured and engineered rain water pump.

We have stocks of HDPE High density Polyethylene Rainwater Pipe in 25mm and 32mm bore sizes. Black and Green HDPE rainwater pipe is recommended for use in rainwater systems by the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales.

We'll give you all the support we can in choosing the right equipment... we specialise in larger tanks and complete rainwater harvesting systems because our clients want to be able to use rainwater all year round. And we keep our prices way, way low. Most of our tanks and accessories come from Germany where rainwater harvesting has been well-established for many years. The components are produced to extreme tolerances are thoroughly tried and tested. Read a simple guide to rainwater harvesting here.

Rainwater Harvesting Installation Services

If you don't want to install your rainwater harvesting system without some help, we can offer you an installation service. We can help with a site survey, telephone support or even excavation of the site and fitting of the system components.

Using rainwater in the garden

Lots of us already use rainwater from small waterbutts or waterbarrels for our garden watering. But rain collection in a 200 litre butt will not give much drought protection. We offer you bigger tanks at lower prices. We also offer a range of tanks adaptable to different locations: modular wall tanks that fit neatly against the house, large tanks that can be located away from the roof filling it and installed either above or below ground. Our range of accessories makes using rain water storage easier and more pleasurable. Filters and Syphons and help stop stored water turning brackish and sediment accumulating in tank bases and in taps and hoses. Pumps make distribution from the tank easier by maintaining good pressure.

Do you have a patio or some decking? An F-Line Flat Tank could fit under your patio or decking  and cut the cost of installation dramatically. The Flat Tank concept is perfect for light excavation in smaller gardens with limited access for larger machinery. If you have a spade and can dig a hole, this DIY tank is ideal, especially when hooked up to a pump and filter in one of our systems. Have a look at some shallow dig or flat tank garden systems here.
"The bigger the tank the more you will gain from using rainwater.."

Using rainwater in the house

With a little extra investment, rainwater can be used inside to feed WCs and washing  machines. Installing a domestic system is more straightforward in a new-build home, but with some alterations to down-pipes and interior plumbing, a system can be added to existing houses. Water tanks of 2000 to 7000 litres are needed for feeding the home and we can supply you with the accessories needed, including pumps, super filters and a mains switchover panel which transfer the rainwater supply system to the mains if the tank runs out. We now have a wealth of information about managing rainwater in the home and articles about rainwater in multi-home developments.

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd is the home of the WRAS approved Rain Director®, the rainwater management control system that will help you feed cleaner rainwater to toilets and washing machines at constant pressure. The Rain Director® saves you money on energy and reduces the wear and tear on your pump.

Hosepipe Bans.

Hosepipe bans are the gardener's nightmare and new proposals would give water companies the right to prohibit use of hosepipes during a water shortage for other outdoor cleaning purposes such as washing boats, patios, drives and windows; cleaning stables, outbuildings and greenhouses; and also for filling swimming pools, ornamental ponds and hot tubs. With unexpected dry spells followed by weeks of rain it is very hard to judge supply - so a personal water supply can help get you through the highs and lows even if the water companies can't. Environmental protection is vital and saving water is high on the list.

Get a Large Tank, Save Water and Save Your Garden!

Have a look round the website: check out our tanks and accessories, buy online and if you still need convincing on the need to use rainwater, find out how we manage to use so much water each every day, find out that London is drier than some Mediterranean cities, and use our tank size calculator (a free-of-charge download) to estimate how much rainwater you might want to collect for your needs.

Technical Advice

We have compiled a comprehensive list of technical tips for you here and there is a wealth of technical information advice and news on this website. Downloads, specifications, calculators and dimensions but if you need help, just call 0800 074 7234 during office hours and we'll be delighted to assist.

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