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Websites are great but they can also be confusing, different types of systems, tanks and if that wasn't enough we use different terminology. If you can't get to one of the many exhibitions that we attend the best thing to do is telephone us. Unlike a lot of other suppliers we don't just sell systems, we manufacture as well so we really do understand the systems that we are selling.

The good news is that there are only 3 types of systems on the market.

We can quickly help you identify the right size tank and best system for your project and provide you with a detailed proposal, with the all important price.

Oh yes, and as a thank you for reading through this message if you quote TEL15 we will also apply some discount for you.

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The most advanced domestic rainwater harvesting system available!

Our Rain Director® systems are totally unique, winning multiple awards and under constant reinvention to stay ahead in the world of rainwater harvesting:

  • They use less power
  • Keep water fresh and odour-less
  • They are reliable and silent running
  • You control when and where to use your rainwater

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Rainwater harvesting or want to recycle rainwater? We have rain harvesting systems, tanks and pumps in stock to help you benefit by saving rainwater from your own roof.

We are designers, manufacturers and retailers of rainwater harvesting equipment. We offer quality water storage rainharvesting systems, storage tanks and equipment at the most affordable prices, with customer support before and after the sale.

Put one of our rain systems in and you will conserve and make better use of the world's most precious resource. You don't need quality drinking water piped in from miles away to water the garden, clean your car, power wash the patio or top up a pond.

You can recycle rainwater to use in your washing machine or to flush toilets and WCs. Gardeners advise that plants much prefer natural rainwater to chemical mains water - and it costs a lot less.

Fully WRAS Approved Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Call 01733 405 111 to discuss anything from a single garden tank, to multiple systems for large housing projects.

Having spent months reading and investigating the many mysteries of rainwater collection, I found the selection of exactly what suited our needs tricky and confusing. So I was delighted to find that Rainwater Harvesting was able to answer all my questions, resolve the quandaries, and supply just those elements required in our particular case. Why aren't all suppliers as good as this? Nigel - (Faversham)