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Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand
Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand

Water companies are urging people to use water more carefully during the coronavirus lockdown. They are asking people to avoid hoses and sprinklers, and not to fill...

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Who's responsible?
Who's responsible?

Who’s responsible? I’m sure that the Environment Agency and anyone to do with Climate Change have been flooded (excuse the pun) with questions over the last few...

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NEED HELP? Speak to an expert : Call Ian on 01733 405104 or Call Rob on 01733 405103 Rainwater Harvesting is a simple concept that to some can seem quite...

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Aquaprof Basic 30/50

Aquaprof Basic 30/50

The fully automatic rainwater management system with multi-stage pump and mains water supply backup. Ideal for home and garden applications in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

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£ 1,215.51

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Full Product Details

Aquaprof Basic 30/50, fully automatic, with multi-stage pump and mains water supply backup built in to an indoor wall console

We can recommend this rain manager for installations where a more sophisticated mains backup and rainwater control system is needed, but there is no roof space for the Rain Director®

Fully automatic rain water controller with multi-stage pump and in-built, automatic switching to mains water feed. The microprocessor controller constantly monitors the rain water use.  The Aquaprof supplies rain water from the storage tank to all points of use, including toilets, washing machines and garden watering. When there is insufficient rainwater the Aquaprof switches to the mains water supply.  Multi-stage centrifugal pump with control provides a quiet and reliable water supply. The quality of the self-priming pump ensures a smooth start up. The Controller switches the pump on and off with demand, has in-built dry run protection and includes a small expansion tank. Mains water feed is in accordance with the EN 1717 backflow prevention standard, and so meets UK requirements.  The mains water in the in-built reservoir is periodically changed to prevent stagnation. An audible alarm sounds if a leakage is detected.

There is a ready to fit connection point for a remote booster pump if water is to be pumped water over very large distances; this is also fully controlled by the Aquaprof unit.

Installation note: rain managers of this sort have the pump in the console, typically fitted at ground level. That means the pump has to suck rainwater from the underground tank. For this reason we strongly recommend the fitting of a 32mm internal diameter pipe from the tank to the rain manager pump. Any smaller diameter pump might cause the pump not to suck water properly; this is caused by the excessive surface tension at the inside of a smaller pipe, even 25mm (one inch) internal diameter pipe, and or cavitation. In the event that a newly-installed rain manager does not properly suck water from the underground tank through a 25mm pipe, the installer can first try to reduce surface tension on the inside of the new pipe by feeding a few cc of diluted washing-up liquid through the pipe, then rainwater thereafter. Failing that, secondly, replace the pipe with one of bigger diameter. The outlet pipe (feed to appliances) can be 25mm without any problems.

  • reliable
  • simple and fast installation
  • high performance and qualityRain Manager Aquaprof 30 50



A height

850 mm

B width

750 mm

C depth

290 mm


1" (25mm but see note above)



Mains water connection

3/4" BSP

Emergency overflow

DN 50

Weight empty

29 kg

Weight full

34 kg

maximum flow rate

6,0 m3/h

maximum head

48 m

operating temp range

+5°C to +35°C

max pressure rating

to 6 bar

maximum system pressure

to 4 bar

maximum system head

15 m

minimum water flow

10 l/min


230 V


50 Hz


1 kW



We buy from more than one manufacturer in order to maximise the quality to price ratio. Actual product shipped to you might vary from the picture shown here but the specs will be the same or better.

This Aquaprof Basic rain manager does not have level gauge. If you would like to know the level of the water in your storage tank please ask for the Aquaprof Top. Please phone 0800 074 7234

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