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Flushing the toilet with rainwater
Flushing the toilet with rainwater

What thought do you give to flushing the toilet? An odd question, granted, because many people would probably answer, “not a lot, why?”. Which is understandable, after all,...

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Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand
Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand

Water companies are urging people to use water more carefully during the coronavirus lockdown. They are asking people to avoid hoses and sprinklers, and not to fill...

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Who's responsible?
Who's responsible?

Who’s responsible? I’m sure that the Environment Agency and anyone to do with Climate Change have been flooded (excuse the pun) with questions over the last few...

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Carat 3750 Litre Rain Director System

Carat 3750 Litre Rain Director System

Graf Carat 3750 litre rainwater harvesting system with Rain Director® DUK4. Use rainwater to flush toilets, fill washing machines and water the garden. Graf Carat Tank 3750 litres rainwater harvesting system for garden and domestic use with Rain Director® In stock ready to ship. Mainland UK delivery included

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Graf Carat tank 3750 litre Complete rainwater harvesting System 4 for domestic use with Rain Director rainwater management.

Use rainwater to flush toilets, fill washing machines and water the garden. Graf Carat Tank 3750 litres rainwater harvesting system for garden and domestic use with Rain Director. Collect rainwater, store it and use it safely in the home.

This system is supplied with a RWH-RHD01 Rain Director® - the intelligent way to use rainwater in the home. The main benefits of this system are reduced electricity consumption, lower mains water usage, cleaner tank water and controlled water pressure at the appliances.

The kit comprises:

  • Graf Carat Tank 3750 litre underground tank
  • Pump, Filter and connections
  • Header Tank for roof space
  • Rain Director® rainwater management system to deliver rainwater where you need it.

The revolutionary Rain Director® is an intelligent domestic rainwater storage and distribution system. There are two components - a Smart loft header tank and a12v Valve Control Panel to direct the water flow.

The Smart Header Tank is controlled by electronic level sensors, valves and control panel. The advantages over normal rainwater pumping systems are:

  • Variable rainwater level in the smart header tank (all water is used before it’s refilled) eliminates pump cycling and reduces power consumption.
  • The header tank only refills once it’s completely empty (while normal rainwater systems make the pump start every time any amount of water is used) so wear on the pump and electricity usage are both reduced.
  • The tank provides a constant flow of rainwater under gravity at any time, including during power cuts and of course is built with fail-safe controls.

The Rain Director 12v Valve Control Panel controls the water delivery - whether rainwater or mains water. The Rain Director®’s Control Panel provides a simple set of buttons to set the operation. For example, the Rain Director’s auto-flush function detects when the occupant is away from home (for example, for holidays) and empties header tank to avoid rainwater there becoming discoloured (dark coloured water and stained toilet bowl, to be avoided).

In summary the combination of controlling the water flow to and froma header tank and the ability to flush through the header tank with mains water using the 12v Valve Control Panel brings a number of unique benefits:-Rain Director with partially cutaway cover

  • Saves energy and prolongs pump life
  • Avoids water discolouration in header tank
  • Assures water supply during a power cut
  • Low voltage controls and no internal pump noise

The Rain Director®solves many of the problems faced by consumers wishing to use rainwater around the home. Here are some examples:

Problem 1: Typical rainwater systems have a pressure sensitive pump in or near the rainwater tank which maintains pressure on the pipe run to toilets, washing machines and any non-drinking-water tap. As pressure in the pipe run drops, the pump will start up again even when there has been no demand on the water supply. This creates a situation where the pump will cycle all day, i.e. turn itself on and off periodically, day and night. The moment of the pump starting draws a peak surge in power, which is repeated many times an hour. This effort also accelerates the wear on the pump bearings, seals and motor.

The Rain Director® solution: The low level sensor will start the pump only when all the water in the header tank has been used. No cycling. A 114 litre header tank will last for more than 10 full toilet flushes, or two clothes washing machine cycles. In a typical home the pump would only cycle about once a day. Less electricity used. Much less wear on the pump.

Problem 2: Rainwater in a header tank inside the house gets discoloured after time (rainwater stored under ground is maintained at a temperature hardly ever above 5 degrees C, so it does not get brackish).

Rain Director® solution: Rain Director’s® auto-empty function detects when the occupant is away from home (for example, on holiday) and empties the header tank every three days. Unused water is returned to the underground rain water storage tank. When occupant returns home and starts using water, the system reverts to rain mode automatically.

The Rain Director® is built in the UK by ADL Products to the highest standards for, and under the control of, the leading provider of consumer rainwater harvesting products RainWater Harvesting Ltd. All components have been designed to comply with WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and UK Building Regulations. WRAS approval process has been commenced and expected shortly.

In this kit version, collated for you by, you get the tank, the Rain Director® , the Optimax filter pack and the accessories listed below.

External HDPE Rainwater Pipe included. It is important to identify a source of a water supply. Untreated rainwater is not for human consumption and so water companies are recommending (and in some cases requiring) that Black and Green HDPE pipe is used for piping rainwater from the tank to the point of use - eg. garden tap. The point of use should be clearly labelled to show that rain water is the source. We include 25mm black and green hdpe pipe and labels with this kit with the option to buy further rolls of pipe.

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