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Who's responsible?
Who's responsible?

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NEED HELP? Speak to an expert : Call Ian on 01733 405104 or Call Rob on 01733 405103 Rainwater Harvesting is a simple concept that to some can seem quite...

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Water Provider Incentives

Water provider incentives- save up to £722 per plot. What is it? Anglian Water and Severn Trent have launched schemes to incentivise water efficient new homes. The...

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Rainwater Pipe 32mm 50m

Rainwater Pipe 32mm 50m

Rainwater Pipe in HDPE 32mm diameter SDR17 black with 4 green stripes in 50 metre coil. Text RAINWATER imprinted on pipe wall. In stock now.

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Rainwater pipe in HDPE 32mm diameter SDR17 black with 4 green stripes in 25 metre coil. The text Rainwater Harvesting HDPE Pipe 32mm'RAINWATER' is imprinted on pipe wall for addtional identification.

This is the pipe you need to deliver rainwater to domestic systems. The pipe is colour coded so that there can be no possibility of rainwater being used where purified tap water is required. The use of this Black and Green HDPE rainwater pipe is obligatory for use in rainwater systems under the Water Regulations.

Our pipe is biobased, recyclable and carbon-neutral. High Density Polyethylene pipe is perfectly suited for distribution of fluids. Some of the known characteristics are listed here:

  • Economical
  • Corrosion Resistant and Zero Leak-Rate
  • Hydraulically Smooth
  • Fatigue and Surge Resistant, Long lasting
  • Tappable and Mechanically Joinable (As Needed)
  • Scratch Tolerant
  • Chemically Resistant but Non-Toxic and Non-Tasting
  • Lightweight, Flexible and Coilable
  • Strong and Ductile
  • Biobased, recyclable and carbon-neutral
  • The 2mm wall is pressure safe to 10 bar.

Price is for a 50 meter coil.

Shipping weight of one 50m coil: 11kg

EXCLUSIVE To Rainwater Harvesting Ltd and in stock NOW!

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