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Flushing the toilet with rainwater
Flushing the toilet with rainwater

What thought do you give to flushing the toilet? An odd question, granted, because many people would probably answer, “not a lot, why?”. Which is understandable, after all,...

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Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand
Public told to cut water use amid surge in lockdown demand

Water companies are urging people to use water more carefully during the coronavirus lockdown. They are asking people to avoid hoses and sprinklers, and not to fill...

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Who's responsible?
Who's responsible?

Who’s responsible? I’m sure that the Environment Agency and anyone to do with Climate Change have been flooded (excuse the pun) with questions over the last few...

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Carat 2700 Litre Tank

Carat 2700 Litre Tank

Graf Carat 2700 litre underground rainwater storage tank the largest Carat tank designed for installation below ground in commercial or residential premises.

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£ 1,426.67

Tax excluded

Full Product Details

Graf Carat 2700 litre underground rainwater storage tank designed for installation below ground to serve commercial or residential premises.

Why buy this tank?

  • Store rainwater ready for use under your garden
  • Lifting kit not necessary - can be man-handled onto the site
  • Exceptionally strong but light two piece Duralen moulding
  • Time tested and backed by a 15 year manufacturer warranty
  • Tank construction allows for manoeuvre into less accessible locations -even though doorways
  • Components precision made for fast assembly
  • Buy if you want to build your own system - pumps, filters pipes

The image at the top shows a Carat tank with a cutout to show the interior construction and an illustration of a tank with filters and an external pump available from in a typical garden setting.

What do I get?

  • Big, strong 2 piece tank for fitting underground
  • Carat assembly kit including the seals
  • Pedestrian load cover and tank sleeve (green) Height 750-950 mm. Maximum tilt 5%. Child safety lock.
  • Optional upgrade to a Maxi sleeve giving an extra 100mm of adjustment (the one in the middle) 
  • Optional upgrade to a vehicle load cover (grey)
  • Optional additional extension sleeve for even deeper sites  (the concertina thing in grey)

About the Tank and Graf

The Graf Carat tank is the largest tank of its kind in the world to be manufactured by injection compression moulding. This technique provides the tank with unbeatable stability and ensures that each component is produced with the highest accuracy. Graf have invested €20m in their factory near Freiburg for the Carat range, introduced in early 2007.

Like the Graf Hercules, the Carat comes in two halves so you can carry it through tight spaces even dorways.. (and so we can stack many of them on one pallet for bulk transport). A centering bolt on the tank flange makes assembly accurate. The quick knock-on connections and the patented seal laboratory tested for 25 years ensure there are no leaks between the two sections... and yet you can disassemble it if you like. The material used is a PE variant called Duralen.

Features Check:

  • Preferably for underground mounting  (can be used above ground at owner's option)
  • German manufactured, TÜV safety-tested
  • Patented quick connection (no screws required for mounting)
  • Permanently watertight: durably sealed thanks to solid profile sealing
  • Easy transport thanks to low weight and practicable size
  • Durably sealed thanks to solid profile sealing
  • See table for dimensions and weight

Connections for underground installation:

Holes are pre-cut in the turret or dome for connecting the filter inside the turret. We recommend use of British standard 110mm brown piping (more accurately 4.25 inches or 108mm external diameter) as supplied by builders merchants like Jewson, Wickes etc. If you are using 110mm piping between your roof's downpipes and the tank, and between the tank and the drain or soakaway, then you have no worries about compatibility of pipe sizes.

Compare the Carat S Tank sizes
Tank 2700 Litres 3750 Litres 4800 Litres 6500 Litres
Product Code 370001 370002 370003 370004
Weight 120 kg 150 kg 185 kg 220 kg
Length 2080mm 2280mm 2280mm 2390mm
Width 1565mm 1755mm 1985mm 2190mm
Height 1400mm 1590mm 1820mm 2100mm
Total Height 2010mm 2200mm 2430mm 2710mm
Half Height ie before assembly (for access) 700mm 790mm 910mm 1050mm

* The half height is a useful dimension if your site is at the back of a house and you have to get the tank through the doors of the house. The Carat is shipped in two halves with the turret separate. By tipping the half tank on its side you and a colleague can walk it through a narrow door. Your door width needs to be marginally wider than the half height shown.

Optional Upgrades.

1) Bit more leeway on the tank depth: Opt for a Maxi sleeve giving an extra 100mm of adjustment.

2) Support car traffic: (but not trucks and HGVs) when fitted with the optional dome and cast iron lid.

  • Heightvariable between 750-1050 mm.
  • Maximum tilt 5%.
  • Cast iron cover.
  • Child safety lock.
  • Dark Grey.

3) Deeper holes: You can compensate for a deep hole with a tank turret sleeve extension which extends the height of the pedestrian dome shaft PE lid by 1000-1500mm

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