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Who's responsible?
Who's responsible?

Who’s responsible? I’m sure that the Environment Agency and anyone to do with Climate Change have been flooded (excuse the pun) with questions over the last few...

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Need Help?

NEED HELP? Speak to an expert : Call Ian on 01733 405104 or Call Rob on 01733 405103 Rainwater Harvesting is a simple concept that to some can seem quite...

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Water Provider Incentives

Water provider incentives- save up to £722 per plot. What is it? Anglian Water and Severn Trent have launched schemes to incentivise water efficient new homes. The...

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800W StrongArm Submersible Pump

800W StrongArm Submersible Pump

Rainwater Harvesting Pump Strongarm with float switch in stainless steel. Heavy duty long-life submersible 800 watt 230 volt with external float switch. Pumps to an extraordinary head of 30 metres so ideal for use with Rain Director and in multi-storey buildings.

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Rainwater Harvesting Pump Strongarm with float switch in stainless steel. Heavy-duty long-life submersible 800 watt 230 volt stainless steel pump with external float switch.

The powerful pump has a high flow rate. Pumps to 30 metres high, so ideal for use and in multi-storey buildings. This is a straight forward water pump i.e. no pressure senstitive switch, so should be used with a system which turns the pumps on and off by its electric mains lead such as the Rain Director. Stainless steel casing for extra corrosion protection. Float switch included for dry run protection, i.e. when the water level falls the pumps switches off.

One year guarantee for date of purchase.

The Strongarm pump is substantial - the pump body is 350mm high and 140mm in diameter at the base - and weighs in at 6 kg.

 Rated Power 800W 
 V&Hz 230V/50 Hz 115V/60Hz
 Max. pump rate             5500L/H 
 Max. height 30m
 Max. depth 6m
 Max. grain size 0.5mm 
 Dia. of pipe 1.25" 
 Length of cable 10m
 Weight approx. 8kg

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